how do you feel about 24/7 access to a fully equipped studio that you didn't have to build?

We don't know about you, but we're into it.

We wanted to create a supportive and creative community for those that don't want to work from a private home studio.

Think of our bench mate space as a co-working space for jewelers. We provide the basics and you get to just come in and create without stressing about building out your own studio. You also get a built in community of other jewelers which doesn't always happen with a home studio.

As a Meltdown studio Bench Mate, here's what you get:

  • 24-hour access with secure access code

  • creative community

  • discounts on classes

  • information about shows and events

  • opportunities to network and expand

  • a safe and secure area to keep your work and additional equipment

  • friends and fun social events

  • support (advice, help with social media, photos, promotion, etc.)

IMG_3429 2.jpg

Bench Mates commit to a bench on a month to month basis with a three month commitment upfront.

A bench in Santa Fe is $200 per month and a bench in Albuquerque is $135 per month. Applicants must fill out application to be considered.